Flora Rearing Agricultural Network (F.R.A.N.) is a project exploring plant and machine co-naturality.

The first iteration of F.R.A.N. is a performance and exhibition featuring the creation of a speculative blueprint for a new robotic network connected to nature. 
Created during the first quarantine of COVID-19 in 2020

A backdrop of digital flora is linked to the artist's brainwave data, each flux in alpha-state seeding of new formations of sepals, petals, and leaves.

The performance and exhibition is an initial introduction to the physical construction of F.R.A.N., a networked robotic system to be built in 2021.

The network imagines new symbiotic arragements between humans, machines and ecologies. 



F.R.A.N.的第一次迭代 是一项表演,旨在为与自然界连接的新机器人网络创建投机蓝图。 在2020年COVID-19第一次隔离期间创建





[n]ow we’re spawning a different kind of mutation, because we’re able to reconceive ourselves virally and instantly put that morphed and evolving regeneration into the world specifically so that it can be adapted and changed. So, where does that mutation leave us?

Is our sense of presence, and who we are, an appendage to how we are perceived?





2022 🇨🇦 THE IMITATION GAME, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
2021 🇺🇸 THIN AS THORNS, IN THESE THOUGHTS IN US, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles
2020 🇨🇳 IN THE NAME OF FLOWER, Pearl Art Museum, Shanghai

2020 🇩🇪 GÖTZENDÄMMERUNG, Haus der Kunst, Munich
2020 🇪🇸 FLORA REARING AGRICULTURAL NETWORK, Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, Barcelona
2020 🇳🇴 RE:MEMORY, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway










Concept by Sougwen Chung
Robotics & Visual Direction: Sougwen Chung
EEG Visualization: Sougwen Chung
Musical Score: Chris Leung
EMF/EEG Sound Composition: Wesley Goatley
Lead Producer: Haruka Wang
Production: Scilicet




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works by sougwen

Entangled OriginsProject type

F.R.A.N. Flora Rearing Agricultural Network (2020)exploring machine and flora as part of a sympoietic, self-supporting networked system with human as gardener.

Exquisite Corpus (2019)a performance installation exploring human, machine, and ecological bodies

Omnia per Omnia (2018)a painting performance with a robotic swarm connected to the flow of a city

Into The Light (2019)an audiovisual AR installation

Artefacts (2019)a human and machine collaborative drawing

Drawing Operations (2018)a human and machine collaborative duet

Drawing Operations (2017)a human & machine drawing collaboration involving memory.

Drawing Operations (2015)a human & robot drawing collaboration involving mimicry

Chiaroscuro (2013)a spatial interplay of light and shadow as an immersive installation

Preparatory Gestures (2017)a series of sculpture studies in VR

Mycelia (2018)a series of sculptures inspired by bio-inspired cognition

Ecdysis (2013)a study in performative architecture

High Tide (Étude Op. 2, No. 4)a painting exploring the dynamics of change

The Limitless, The Absolute (2017)a painting inspired by the 八卦 Trigrams of the IChing

Cardia (2012)a short film depicting a transgression from interior to exterior

Apolysis (2014)a short film in collaboration with Clint Mansell

Untitled (Étude Op. 1, No. 1-4)a series of drawings exploring synesthesia

Chiaro Oscuro Prototypesa series of form studies with paper

Topographies (2015)a series of paintings inspired by nature and flow states

Dénouement (Recurrent fevers of unknown origin)




Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese - Canadian artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.


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