1/2024 — Exhibition, Parallel Time and Space - Exploration·Inclusion·Experience Tsinghua University, China National Science & Technology Museum, and National Science and Technology Communication Center, Beijing CN
9/2023-2/2024 — Exhibition, Extensions of Self at Francisco Carolinum, Runs til Feb, Linz, Austria
2/2024 — Exhibition, A Minute For Art, GLOBART, Istanbul, Turkey
3/2024 — Art on a Postcard (AOAP), Int Woman's Day CURA Art, Fundraiser for The Hepatitis C Trust, London, UK
3/2024 — Solo Show at Art Fair Art Dubai w/ HOFA, Dubai, UAE
3/2024 — Works at Art Tokyo w/ HOFA, Tokyo Japan
5/2024 — Speaking, A Polyphonic Seminar on the Dao of Indeterminacy & Play w/ Cecile Malispina, London, UK 
5/2024 — Keynote, ROB|Arch 2024 conference - Beyond Optimization, Association for Robots In Architecture, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Canada
6/2024 — Artist Residency The Arctic Circle Residency Balvard, Norway

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Summer Speaking Dates

🎶 Summer speaking dates 🎶 On my way to Toronto as a keynote speaker for #ROBARCH2024 with @robotsinarchitecture. Excited to be reunited with @maria_yablonina and @madeline.gannon, two of my favourite contemporary roboticists.
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Pre-Order Ecologies of Becoming, Sougwen’s first monograph, Published by Anteism

Book Pre-Order Announcement We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the first monograph of work by Sougwen Chung, which covers their practice in drawing, machines, performance, and more. Titled "Ecologies of Becoming," this publication is a labor of love, brought to fruition with the collaboration of some of the most talented individuals in the field. The book is designed by Ayaka B. Ito and published by Anteism Books.
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Sougwen Chung named TIME100 Most Influential People in AI

Most AI-based artists work exclusively in front of their computers. Sougwen Chung is different: they train robots to physically paint in tandem with them on massive canvases. Before they used AI, Chung, who identifies as nonbinary, painted expansive abstract artworks filled with bold, flowing lines. They then trained a neural net on decades of those paintings—and built robots trained on those neural nets to paint with them in real time. When they paint a line, the robots mimic Chung’s line and …
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Interview with LE RANDOM ART: Sougwen Chung on Us in Another Form

Multidisciplinary artist Sougwen Chung delves into her unique contributions to the exhibition GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, the evolving discourse on human-machine interconnections and more with Peter Bauman (Monk Antony). link
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Solo Show at ArtDubai

Sougwen Chung, installation view in HOFA Gallery’s booth at Art Dubai, 2024. Photo by Spark Media. Courtesy of Art Dubai.
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“New Hybridities” TIME100 Acceptance Speech

“My work, at its simplest level, is about exploring the contradictions that stem from not fitting neatly into one category,” Sougwen Chung, who identifies as nonbinary, said on Sunday in Dubai, where they accepted a TIME100 Impact Award for their influence on the field of artificial intelligence. “I like to think of [it] as a new hybridity.” Read more:
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Sougwen Chung receives the TIME100 Impact Award at Museum of the Future

💙 Grateful to the whole team at @TIME for the #TIME100 Impact Award, recognizing individuals who have gone above and beyond to move their industries—and the world—forward in the AI space. I am honored to be one of these four recipients.It's been a surreal few days, so many reflections and images to share, but first:I took some time to reflect on the moment for my acceptance speech, excerpted below. Sougwen Chung "I’m inspired by Grace Lee Boggs who wrote that these are the times to …
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Featured New York Times Guest Essay “Where AI Ends and We Begin”

Chung, Sougwen. “Where Does A.I. End and We Begin?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 7 Dec. 2023, Where does A.I. end and we begin? I’ve been thinking about this question — the line between machines and human creativity — for a long time. In my art, lines are governing elements over images. But what happens when those lines are made by a machine? In 2015, I began my journey in co-creation. It took two years to meticulously …
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V&A’s acquisition of Sougwen Chung’s work MEMORY featured in Outland

In an in-depth article and interview with the V&A Museum's digital art curator Pita Arreola, the topic of collecting contemporary digital art is discussed, with the recent acquisition of Sougwen Chung's work MEMORY, serving as an example of hybrid collecting. "The same questions come up when collecting contemporary digital art. You see it a lot in the NFT scene, with some people selling live code and others selling screenshots of the running code. At the V&A, the most recent acquisition we’ve …
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Virtual Ink

‘Virtual Ink’ showcases the figural fluid studies of Sougwen 愫君 Chung, part of an ongoing research practice exploring and expanding the boundaries of art and technology. For more than a decade, Chinese-Canadian artist and researcher Sougwen Chung has been investigating the poetics of mark-making across myriad disciplines, including virtual reality, robotics and ai systems.  Chung began these ‘post-human subject studies’ in 2015, and the body of work presented in ‘Virtual Ink’ is the culmination of almost seven years of development. Building …
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Drawing Operations” featured on Art In America

Thank you to Art In America magazine and Jason Bailey for featuring my drawing on their January issue, focusing on Generative Art. This represents a milestone in the industry of Art and Technology, and its an truly an honour to be featured here. I made this drawing in 2017, during a residency in Tokyo. The project was an experiment; entirely self directed, simply to explore a curiosity. At the time, I was just getting started working with robots after many years …
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“Drawing Operations” awarded the Lumen’s Art and Technology Prize

Deeply grateful to @Lumen_prize, for awarding the Art and Technology Prize to Drawing Operations, a project I started in 2015 exploring human and machine collaboration. Thank you Carla Rapoport, and Jack Addis for your support and welcoming me into the Lumens family...In these deeply uncertain times, I find myself thinking of #DonnaHaraway’s writing in Staying With The Trouble 🖤: “It matters what worlds world worlds. We become together or not at all." Collaboration, for me, is a way to steer away from "a technophobic …

Omnia per Omnia Film

We made a film for #OmniaPerOmnia and it was a wild ride. (This is the teaser ~) . . Thank you to @mynameiscutter for sharing the vision, lending your talents to the project, and assembling the star team for our film. @tshung @cleggm @arianne_alizio . Original score by @aquarianyes and Mickey Partlow @v3rysaid . . Omnia per Omnia pays homage to the flow of cities. This first chapter begins in NYC, my home of a decade and birthplace of the Experiments in Art and Technology initiative. The full film is screening@manacontemporary this weekend ~ …
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“Only Human” at Mana Contemporary

Where does the time go? This weekend is the last weekend to see Omnia per Omnia at Mana Contemporary. Thank you to all who have supported the project for this first run. . . What an experience to bring these 20 new robots into the world with my collaborators @andycavatorta @thepetermania@mynameiscutter @youngbukllc and the support of the team @newinc @belllabsnokia @newmuseum. Photo by Rain Embuscado

Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-Canadian artist and researcher. Chung is the founder and artistic director of ⇢ SCILICET, a studio exploring human & non-human collaboration.

A former research fellow at MIT’s Media Lab, Sougwen is considered a pioneer in the field of human-machine collaboration – exploring the mark-made-by-hand and the mark-made-by-machine as an approach to understanding the dynamics of humans and systems. 

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in London / New York / Hong Kong.

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