🎶 Summer speaking dates 🎶

On my way to Toronto as a keynote speaker for #ROBARCH2024 with @robotsinarchitecture. Excited to be reunited with @maria_yablonina and @madeline.gannon, two of my favourite contemporary roboticists.

Berlin-bound in July for Generative Art Summit, with too many wonderful artists to name @sashastiles @ivonatau @reepsone @anamariacaballero.

🧊June I'll be heading on a research expedition for several weeks in the Arctic Circle -- more on that soon.

📘 Pre-orders for Ecologies of Becoming @anteism_books still available, thank you to all who have reached out and supported the work so far. 💙

Register for ROB|ARCH 2024 https://robarch2024.org/HOME

Buy Tickets for Generative Art Summit https://art-meets-science.io/en/generative-art-summit-berlin-conference/

Preorder Ecologies of Becoming https://www.anteism.com/shop/ecologies-of-becoming-sougwen-chung