“Science transforms its languages; Poetry invents its tongues.”

Thank you to Falling Walls for the award of winner in the category of Science in the Arts for my contributions to the field of Art + Research practice. 

I’d like to dedicate the award to my parents, who taught me about hybridity through example. My mother’s technical mindedness as a computer programmer and my father’s musical and artistic sensibilities as an opera singer, showed me the complementary possibilities of both ways of approaching the world. 

Hybridity rejects false binaries. I believe that by engaging practices that ~ connect ~ scientific and cultural fields, we’re able to better adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of living on an interconnected, damaged planet. And hopefully change it for the better.

While developing my own art and research practice for the past decade, I’ve seen the value of moving beyond the seeming contradictions of science in the arts; of seeing them as obstacles, But instead as unique sites for invention, growth, and transformation.

Thank you again to Falling Walls for this recognition. I’m looking forward to sharing much more of this continuing journey with you all this coming year.