HOFA Gallery, London


OCT 14, 2023 - OCT 25, 2023

The Chinese-Canadian artist and artistic director of London-based studio, Scilicet, is renowned for their visionary and speculative practice exploring human-AI collaboration. Sougwen Chung’s forthcoming 2-week show is centred on the idea of hybridity as a relational approach which resolves adversarial perceptions of AI through balance, openness, and imagination. 

The ‘Human and Machine’ collaborative hybrid is fundamental to Sougwen Chung’s research-driven practice and the Relational Gestures HOFA exhibition will feature physical paintings and artefacts, digital videos, AR sculptures and immersive media installations that demonstrate this hybridity in subtle and compelling ways. The artist will also offer some of their works as collectible NFTs. 

Reflecting on the potential impact of their upcoming show, Sougwen Chung says, "Relational Gestures will showcase a body of artefacts and new works that result from a hybrid process, encouraging the viewer  to look beyond screens and flat interfaces to imagine the possible sensory mixes of the future. Through the work I am thinking deeply about  how the human hand, how human creative capabilities, might evolve as a direct result of the possibilities afforded by embodied AI."

Sougwen Chung: Relational Gestures - HOFA Gallery, London

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