Veena McCoole

Sougwen Chung

Study 24 , 2023HOFA Gallery (House of Fine Art)

Price on request

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns accelerated the art market’s transition to remote sales, collectors have warmed to tools like augmented reality simulators and online viewing rooms—or simply high-resolution imagery—to help them view and acquire works from afar.

Among the most recent technological developments to shake up the digital art world is AI. Artificial intelligence tools, from large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to image generators like DALL-E, have the power to synthesize enormous amounts of data, automate some rote tasks, and even draw upon existing information in the public domain to create new expressions of digital “art” and text.

Some artists such as Sougwen Chung and Anna Ridler have incorporated AI into their artistic practice, and for those in the commercial art world, mainstream AI-powered productivity tools are already being harnessed. Artsy spoke to a cross-section of the art market, including gallerists, advisors, auction houses, and entrepreneurs, to find out how they believe AI will impact buying activity in the market.