People sometimes ask me how drawing with D.O.U.G. has changed my process.

Here's and image of me preparing some installation drawings (#chiaro_oscuro) from a decade ago. Breaking out from software into gesture, back to drawing, space and tactile form felt revelatory then; more real than what I could make on screen. Craving the materiality of paper, and maybe the finality if it too.

The encounter with the machine other, a non-human responsive drawing unit I develop with code, data, and time.. that is an exercise in navigating uncertainty, fumbling with error states, imperfections, and sometimes existential horror. I think that's what keeps it interesting though.

It's been 10 years and many experiences, robots, and apparently a global catastrophe in-between then and now, but I think the cravings, the resonance with the tactile, gestural and spatial is the same.

// Does it have to exist in the world to be real? //