// speculative robotics — programmable matter //

..Inspired by xenobots– constructed of frog cells, computational organisms. Machines made of silicon with proto-cognitive capabilities. How might these nano-organisms “think” differently — think alongside our own wetware, differently? And…

// speculative robotics ~~ ecologies of becoming-with //

Inspired by the materiality of the Mantis shrimp. A research process of energy conservation through it’s internal geometric structure. (elastic to kinetic energy conversion through bio-mimicy)..modelled in VR, converting to…

// bodies in space //

// my last performance of Exquisite Corpus with D.O.U.G._4 // I sometimes wonder what the next performance will be like, after a year of lockdown. Exquisite Corpus was the first…

// drawing installations 2011 //

..People sometimes ask me how drawing with D.O.U.G. has changed my process. Here’s and image of me preparing some installation drawings (#chiaro_oscuro) from a decade ago. Breaking out from software…

// Relation vs Interaction //

..Building interactions implies sovereignty, detachments disguised as world-building– God-mode. vs Building (inter)Relation. Implies inclusion, ” I” is situated within the relation. Dynamics of relations — equitable relationships, requires trust and…

// SECOND NATURE: Relation / Repetition //

.. “This flood of convergences, publishing itself in the guise of the commonplace. No longer is the latter an accepted generality, suitable and dull no longer is it deceptively obvious,…

grasping the organic / daydreaming new natures

… ¹ Still from a private performance in a Mexican jungle² grasping SECOND NATURE, AR experiments in Lockdown³ drawing a memory⁴ excerpt from Anna Anlin Cheng’s Ornamentalism..” What happens to…

Indeterminacy Scores

feat. Drawing Operations (robotic) Unit, Generation 4Paintings as sound compositions Referencing John Cage’s Fontina Mix, 1958, a provocation for “musical scores of indeterminacy”, these experiments were created in collaboration with…

Biometric Flora

Intertwining my meditation and art practice. They’re both simple interventions that shape my days — alternating between varying states of flow, alternatives to the addiction to control, reliance on certainty

// drawing in lockdown //

I used to draw differently.My approach to drawing and machine learning, data, and robotics started as a way to evolve my drawing ability by designing artificial intelligence systems, to explore…


Learning shelter, communal thinking, escapist magical realism // mycelial machinations — wild / life // witness & unfurl — terrestrial microbial worlds — ( shelter-in-place ) // Music by @a_q_u_a_r_i_a_n //…

~ ( distance ) in place ~

Corpus I from the series ( distance ) in place, 2020, graphite on paper | collaboration with D.O.U.G._5. All images courtesy of the artist. As external realities we once knew have dissolved…

〰️ views from somewhere 〰️

. . During quarantine, I’ve been gazing at the city through its public cameras, searching for absence of crowds. It’s an activity that offers some small assurance that people outside…

〰️ a vial of invisible ink 〰️

Missing this peaceful moment from my last performance. I like that the image captures the inherent stillness of the process of drawing. Despite uncertainty, the lines are grounding..I’m slowly working…

〰️ drawing as co-presence 〰️ .

.Thinking about starting a drawing live stream from my studio in Brooklyn, a space to draw together as I iterate and experiment with new performance concepts around telepresence and sound…

〰️ mutations of desire 〰️ .

🌹 as simulation, mutualism, mutation, process, and memory . ~ Process artefact from upcoming project exploring biometrics and digitized organic material .~ Slow motion capture of a bee pollination in…




— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a

Chinese-born, Canadian-raised 

artist & (re)searcher 

based in New York.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in New York.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in New York.

— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist & (re)searcher based in New York.




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