(Étude Op 1, No. 1-4)


Graphite on Paper

The Etude Op.1, No. 1-4 is the latest series in an artistic inquiry into synesthetic, improvisational form.

Each No. in Opus 1 is a meditation on sound, the experience of music, impulses and ruminations of a personal nature, captured on a tactile canvas.



Created with graphite on paper, Etude Op. 1 began as a series of deliberately bare drawings, exploring a way of seeing, interpreting, reinterpreting, experiencing, and contextualizing my immediate personal, physical, and auditory experience. Etude Op. 1, and my drawing to date, embraces the play between control and improvisation, intricate yet fluid gestures, balance and chaos.


works by sougwen

Omnia per Omnia (2018)A painting performance with a robotic swarm connected to the flow of a city

Drawing Operations (2017)A human & machine drawing collaboration involving memory.

Drawing Operations (2015)A human & robot drawing collaboration involving mimicry

Chiaroscuro (2013)spatial interplay of light and shadow as an immersive installation

Preparatory Gestures (2017)What are the sensory mixes of the future?

Ecdysis (2013)a study in performative architecture

Cardia (2012)Project type

Apolysis (2014)A collaboration with Clint Mansell

Topographies (2015)Project type

Dénouement (Recurrent fevers of unknown origin)


— Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a

Chinese-born, Canadian-raised 

artist & (re)searcher 

based in New York.


Copyright Sougwen Chung